Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally, A Finished Project

I finally finished a sewing project.  I made a start on this 13 weeks ago - cut it, pieced and sewed it together, safety pinned the batting and backing on and then shoved it in the cupboard.  Its a gift for a very good friend who just had a baby.  Well, 13 weeks ago .....

I've used this playmat pattern quite a few times now, its so simple that it can be made in a day.  My previous link to the pattern is here.

I don't know why I left it so long between sewing projects.


Cat said...

Hi there I got your message on my blog re traveling stash box, however, you are set up as no reply blogger so I am unable to contact you
If you are still interested please contact me again with an email address

Julie said...

Thank you - I've sent you an email and changed my settings. I am officially no longer a 'no reply' blogger haha.