Monday, August 20, 2012

Denheath Custard Square Fake ... not sure about this one!

I found this recipe on The Culinary Explorations of Mrs Cake.   I should of  actually read her whole blog about these and I would of read that she wasn't convinced about them as a Denheath knock off BUT she did say they went down rather well as an easy custard square. 

I just got SO excited about possibly being able to make my own constant supply of Denheath Custard Squares that I never got past the recipe on the page before rushing out and buying packets of Vanilla Instant Pudding and cream.  Next time I will read the whole blog, as now I feel a bit sad that they are nothing like Denheath Custard Squares and I can't bask in Denheath glory at my whim.

Nothing beats Denheath though.  I am silly really for trying.

The link to the recipe is here - its easy peasy.  Its a bit too instant puddingy tasting for me.  The kids are eating it enthusiastically though and I haven't had anyone else around to taste test this on.  Personally I think I will stick to my tried and true Alison Holst recipe, but if I have a tribe to feed then this might just go down a treat.

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Miriam said...

oh so sad when things don't turn out the way you want them to :o( xx