Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pay it Forward with Bookmarks

For me, this is the year of paying it forward.  I love to give anyway (wonder what my love language is!!), but this year I am making a concious effort to go above and beyond, giving gifts for no reason apart from to say "I love you and am thinking of you".  Ohhh, another news years resolution has been revealed!!

I had a spare moment today so I made some more book marks.  I LOVE making these.  All of these, except one I love too much to part with, will be making their way all over the countryside over the next few days to surprise some very close and missed friends of mine.  Awww, shucks.

I found this wooden heart pendant at Just Bead It, in Hamilton and the black charms are off an old necklace of mine.

Another charm from Just Bead It.  If you love beads, you must check them out -

I found the shell pendant in a clearance bin at Spotlight.  I am not sure it will make the sturdiest of bookmarks, but I liked it quirkiness and couldn't resist.  The cross is another delight from Just Bead It.

And the one I am keeping.  I love it.  Also found this pendant in the clearance bin at Spotlight.

I am going to be talking to the hubby tonight about doing a photography course one night a week.  I think its time I learnt how to use my camera properly.  Here is hoping he says yes!

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