Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colour Blind?

I was so excited about The Girls quilt.  I launched into it head first, without really stopping and checking my colour scheme.  BIG mistake.  On piecing it together I decided it looked awful.  I had picked quite a dark green that really just didn't go.  See what I mean:

So after much staring, rearranging and advice, I have picked another fabric to replace the green blocks, and am moving the green borders to around the dolls to make them 'pop' out.  Downside to this is that it requires ALOT of unpicking.  Unpicking the green blocks and unpicking the green borders and the borders around the dolls.  I hate unpicking.  And I can never seem to get my blocks square again once I have unpicked and then restitched.

Lesson learnt.  When quilting, BEFORE sewing, take lots of time to make sure you have your colour arrangement just perfect.  Do not rush in.  Argh.  This is definately a labour of love!!


Mrs A said...

I do like the colours. Do you have a photo of the new changed fabrics? Would love to see :D

Julie said...

Thank you! I have started to sew the rows together, so hopefully in the next few days I will be able to post an updated pic.