Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cosmonaut's to the Rescue

These friendly little things are off to Christchurch to help out a friend of a friend.   I made these while I was away at the beach, over a few days where we had rain and were stuck inside. 

You can pop over to Our Creative Spaces to see more creative work.


Jode said...

I popped over from creative spaces and just had to tell you how cute your little creations twins would love something similar...don't suppose you would like to share how you made them?
I hope the fundraising fair is a big success!

Julie said...

I know they are cute huh! I got the pattern out of the Softies book, which I brought from Whitcoulls. Its a great book - def recommend as its got heaps of great designs. Not sure I can share due to the copyright on the book.

Mrs A said...

I have also donated something I made for the Fair. Vanessa worked at my son's preschool.
I saw what you made. They look awesome in person!! Great Job :D

Julie said...

I saw the quilt you made online - it was beautiful. I hear the fair was REALLY successful - yay.