Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheats Caramello Chocolate Brownie

Before I start I should apologise for the terrible photo.  This was taken in an extreme hurry, while the slice was still hot from the oven.  I was in a rush - what do you do!

I realised first thing this morning I had forgotten to bake something for my fortnightly KiwiMums catch-up.  It was just after 7am, I had to leave in 1.45 hours and in that time had to feed and dress 3 children, shower and dress myself, make lunches, clean up the kitchen and get the first load of washing on and bake something ...  This is where I call on my secret stash of Betty Crocker.  I always have a few of her cake mixes, brownie mix and a cookie mix stashed in the back of my cupboard for emergencies such as this.

Actually funny aside, Hubby found my secret stash the other day and was appalled, asking me if I actually ever baked from a box.  Haha, one of his favourite brownies is this one from Baking Makes Things Better - he has no idea it comes from a box.  Shock horror - two boxes.  Shhhhhh. 

Right, so back to the recipe.  I needed something quick to whip up, so Betty Crocker Triple Fudge Brownie it was.

I have been given a Caramello Brownie recipe from a friend and have been wanting to give it a try, so decided to incorporate the caramello part of her recipe in this brownie.

Preheat the oven to the directions given on the box and prepare your brownie pan.

In a small pot mix 65grams of butter, 3/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk and a table spoon of golden syrup.  Heat until melted and mixed together and set aside.

Mix together the brownie, following the instructions on the box and put the batter in the prepared pan.  Swirl the caramel sauce through the top of the brownie.

Bake to box instructions (about half an hour).  Halfway through baking I covered mine with tinfoil to stop the caramello on top from burning.

Leave to cool before cutting.

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