Friday, November 18, 2011

I Am Still Here!

I am still here!  Its been an extremely busy couple of months between the children, business and a much needed holiday with the hubby!  So there hasn't been much time left for any creation or new baking.  With Christmas coming up though there will be lots of goodies being created, so I will start posting again very shortly.  I am very close to finishing a great Advent Calander for Christmas - my sewing machine is at the shop being serviced, so the minute it is back I'll be finishing this.

The hubby and I just spent a week, childfree, in Bali.  It was amazing and I indulged in some beautiful Indonesian food.  Im feeling very inspired to start experimenting with my evening meals, especially with some of the delish desserts I tried!  Here are a few pics of some of the amazing food we ate:

Jumbo Prawns and Red Snapper, hand-picked and cooked on the grill, at Jimbaran

Chicken Curry and Satay (ignore the hubby's rude gesture at the top of the photo!!)

A mixture of beef and chicken curry, pork slow cooked in soy, corn and coconut, beans and water spinach, tuna and chicken pieces served with rice and a cracker

We were lucky to be invited into a family compound just outside of Ubud during a bike ride, and this is the hubby enjoying some true Balinese coffee and snacks.

Snake Fruit - have never come across this before during my Asia trips.  The hubby called it a 100 year old strawberry.  It had an almost black thick outer skin, and the inner was similar to lychee, but hard and dryer, with a taste of sweet and sour.

I made a point of trying as many different drinks and foods as possible.  This one unfortunately went down the sink!  It was a bit bland tasting, but it was the chunks of jelly in it that I couldn't handle!

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