Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bed Headboard Upcycle

About a year or so ago I brought a second hand rimu headboard for $10 and covered it for Sprats bed.  Sprat and Danger Mouse recently were lucky enough to be brought new beds with headboards, so now this is being passed on to The Girl.  Knowing that she more than likely won't be that keen on Lightening McQueen, I found some awesome fabric to recover it for her bedroom.

So here is how it started

Then became Lightening McQueen.

So firstly I removed the legs and then took off the old fabric.

I used the old wadding I had on there previously.  This is just quilt batting.  I then positioned the headboard on the fabric, making sure that the pattern I wanted was centered on the front of the board.  As I wanted the back of the board to be the right way up (if I just pulled it over it would of been upside down), I had to cut the back piece of the fabric off, turn it around and sew it onto the front piece.  The photos should explain this.

Below is the front and back pieces.

I then pinned, right sides together, ensuring they were the correct way and sewed together.

Once sewn, I ironed the seams flat.  You can see here that the back piece is upside down now, but once flipped onto the headboard will be the right way up.

I then repositioned the wadding and the headboard onto the fabric, centering it correctly.

Starting at the bottom, I pulled the fabric over and fixed into place using a staple gun.  I then pulled both sides in tightly and stapled.  Finally I pulled the remaining fabric over and folding under a bottom hem, started from the centre and worked my way out, securing the fabric at the bottom (pulling tightly as I went).  I then folded the sides in and stapled these down.

Getting something that looks like this.   This is the back.

And the front.

Easy.  Time to screw the legs back on.  I used pins to find the screw holes and then just screwed them back on again.

And there you have it - an awesome headboard!

Next project for her bedroom is a single sized quilt, which I am hoping will match her headboard nicely.  Here is a sneak peak.

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