Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Discoveries - Bridal Veil Falls, Raglan

We've been adventuring around the Waikato again today.  I just love the school holidays and the break in routine, meaning there is lots more energy for discovering.

We headed out to Bridal Veil Falls near Raglan.  Its about 38km from Hamilton, so was an easy afternoon trip for us.

The walk to the top of the falls was easy and pushchair accessible.  261 stairs down to the bottom of the falls and the kids just charged down them.  And then back up again.   This included The Girl, who at 2, amazes me sometimes!  There was a stop halfway down, with a viewing platform, so a great chance to rest for tired little legs (of which there were none in my family).

They had great signposts during the walk explaining how the falls were created from volcanic activity and the boys loved learning along the way.

Once we had finished up we headed into Raglan for a well deserved ice cream.  A great way to finish the day that started at a Retro Fair.  Couldn't get better really!


Leonie said...

We've never been but looks great!

country girl said...

Great effort! I love how you get your kids out and about to see and experience all the awesome outdoor activities there are!!
You're doing a great job!