Saturday, July 20, 2013

Canvas Artwork for Kids

Our bedroom walls are bare.  We are in transition in our house, knowing that we'll be shifting before Christmas, but not knowing yet when or where.  So I've never really decorated the kids bedrooms as I would like.

They are boring.

I promised the kids they could paint their own artwork these holidays and I would put them up over their beds.

I brought 3 cheap canvases from the Dollar Store and let them loose with the paint.

There was much concentration and talk about who was going to paint what.

Danger Mouse was painting whatever Sprat was painting.

The Girl was just into the sensory experience of smearing paints and watching them merge.

There was a great sense of achievement when each painting was finished.  They all named their paintings, with a bit of help from me.  I can't wait till they are dry so we can get them up on their walls.  As a child I would of been so proud to have my own work of art hanging above my bed.

A rainy afternoon well spent and such an easy activity with a great sense of achievement.

The Girl and 'My Rainbow'

Danger Mouse and 'Motorbike in Gardens'

Sprats 'Motorbike on Rainbow Road'

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