Sunday, April 14, 2013

Treasure Hunting

The boys watched an episode of Dorothy the Dinosaur in which she went on a treasure hunt.  Ever since they've been begging to do one themselves, with Sprat drawing elaborate treasure maps and talking about it non-stop.

Saturday afternoon was dragging on, so a treasure hunting we went.

Keeping things simple, I drew (rather badly I must say) a heap of pictures as clues.  The kids were sent to their bedroom while I planted the trail and the treasure.

I told them the first clue was hidden in the couch.

Danger Mouse found money, and thought the hunt was over.

Clue found!  It was off to search all the bikes.

Found.    My drawing for the next clue was so bad neither of the boys could work it out.  In my defense its not that easy to draw a jet ski, so I had to tell them what it was.

Yay, found.  This led them to rummage through all the shoes and boots at the front door.  Which then led them to the swing set.

And from there, to the letterbox.

Getting close now, they were headed back inside to search the beds.

I couldn't draw a BBQ.  Yes, I am really that bad at drawing.  So I wrote down BBQ and Sprat managed to figure it out.

Treasure found!  Along with the missing cat bowl and cat food which The Girl must of stashed a day earlier!  After a small treat of chocolate, both boys gave me a massive hug and thanked me for the fun, then went off to create their own treasure hunt themselves.  This was such a fun activity for so little effort, that we did it again on Sunday, with the prize being a packet of I Spy Memory cards that we got from a certain fast food joint about a year ago.  Very happy children.

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