Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sprat is 6!!

My baby boy turned 6 today.  6.  Wow.  I hate it that time seems to go so fast, but love watching him grow and change.  I still relive each child's labour on their given birthday and marvel at how much they have grown from that tiny squashed newborn they started as.

We made a decision a while back not to do big birthday parties for the children each year.  Its way too much work and my personal opinion is it seems quite excessive each year with 3 children to organise parties for.  Instead we'll celebrate as a family, doing a special activity together.  Of course we will celebrate milestone birthdays with a big bash, and the next one will be Danger Mouse turning 5 next year.

Sprat decided he wanted to go up the Sky Tower for his birthday this year.  The hubby and I had to face a few fears, both of us hating tall buildings.

It was a wonderful day spent together, visiting family, playing with new toys and eating cake.  He wanted a yellow Bumblebee Transformer cake.  I have developed a love hate relationship with fondant.  Granted I rushed this cake, not allowing things to dry properly before adding additional layers and I hope one day I will learn how to produce beautifully smooth fondant.  Still, I have one VERY happy 6 year old who thinks his mum's cakes are the best.

I found my cake inspiration here.  She gives great instructions on how she decorated it.  I should of read them, as they would of helped haha.  Still, a great cake!

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OP SHOP MAMA said...

Far out!! that is awesome!! I once got asked to do a transformers cake for one of my kids.. I totally piked out and did a number 7 with some holographic transformers rings poked into it and lollies all over the place. !!
Yours is fantastic - good on ya!. I really prefer things that are a bit imperfect. Really. I don't go for perfection! (thankfully!)