Monday, June 11, 2012

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a theory on baking with fruit or veges.  With that bit of hidden goodness it has to be good for you, right?  Right?....  My children will not touch pumpkin.  I think even if their life depended on it they'd still turn their noses up at it.  I, on the otherhand, love it.  Its one of my favourite veges, especially when its roasted and it caramelises around the edges. 

So when I came across this recipe at a blog called A Cup of Flour I had to try it and see if I could fool my children into eating pumpkin.  I am not sure if you can strictly call these biscuits, they have quite a cakey consistency.  The spices and hint of pumpkin are really yummy and quite a change from our usual biscuit choices - and so far the kids can't get enough. 

I haven't told them yet whats in them.  Will just keep that one a secret for now!

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Miriam said...

I LOVE pumpkin. Enough that I gave myself carotene poisoning from eating too much of it one year. My family isn't into it either.