Friday, June 29, 2012

Imagination Fascination

Our childrens imaginations are limitless.  I love watching them playing, the games they make up and the stories they tell each other. 

A while back I brought a bit of MDF wood from Mitre 10 Mega for $18.  It was what the hubby was going to make a marble run out of, but it was obviously destined for greater things.

It was pouring down with rain at the beginning of the week, and I pulled the wood out so the kids could use it as a ramp to race their cars down.

Then they used it to draw a mural on.

Then Danger Mouse and The Girl used it as a slide inside.

The kids then used it as a table to have their morning tea around.

Then it got used as a spaceship.

And then last night it was being used as a motor for a speed boat.  It needed alot of mechanical work before it was ready to race off the biggest waterfall in the world though.....

This simple, humble piece of wood will now be living in our family room for a bit longer as I await to see what else the children use it for.  I love seeing what they think of next and then joining in on the fun.

Children have the most amazing imaginations and they should be nurtured and encouraged to use them always.  In our house, the most fanciest, brightest, plastic toys are usually the ones that get left unplayed with in the toybox, while cardboard toilet roll tubes and tinfoil have hours spent on them as they are transferred into robots and spacemen. 

I love getting simple with my childrens play.  Although never knew a piece of wood would give me so much peace.....

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