Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Barkers Lemon & Passionfruit Patisserie Filling

This is my new favourite emergency food!  I had to take a plate to our kindy Christmas party last Friday night, and after a hectic day at another Christmas party I was rather unorganised.  It was a mad dash to the supermarket to find something quick and easy and I luckily stumbled upon a lovely marketer sampling the above.

She was so lovely in fact (or noticed the mad gleam of desperation in my eye and my three screaming children) that she let me take all her display stock.

It comes in three different flavours - Lemon and Passionfruit, NZ Boysenberry and Chocolate Creme and is kept in the baking asile of your supermarket.  Its so easy to use as it is already enclosed in a piping bag - all you have to do is snip the end off and go!  I just brought some pastry shells and had mini lemon tarts in minutes, which tasted devine.

And the fillings are good.  Really good.  I have half a bag left over and I am going to use it as a base in meringue cases, topped with cream and a spig of mint - hmmmm.

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