Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flower Power

Never thought I would get inpsired to create something while mowing my lawns!!  But there I was, mowing across all the dead Camillias on the lawn and they looked so pretty (before I mulched them) that it gave me inspiration to finally give creating a satin flower a go. 

It was so easy!!  I didn't follow a tutorial as reading through one months ago I realised just how simple they are.  All I did was cut out 6 circles out of satin in decreasing sizes.  Using a candle, I curled the edges of each circle.  This was easier than I thought it would be - I imagined catching lots of these on fire but it didn't happen.  Phew.

Then popped them all on top of each other and sewed them together using a bead.  Easy.  I am definately going to make more of these, they are stunning and REALLY easy.

We are going out for dinner tonight so I made a simple headband for The Girl.  I must progress past a simple piece of elastic and find myself something a bit nicer to use, but for now this will do!  Cute.

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