Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas Mincemeat - Edmonds

I brought all my ingredients this week to make my Christmas Cake and Christmas Mincemeat.  I have never made either before, and decided now that I am a grownup, its about time I started another new christmas tradition.

So currently I have just over 1kg of mixed fruit soaking in a huge amount of brandy, getting ready to become a cake.  I am using the receipe of Nanna - my husbands great gran I think - and it has curry in it.  Curry in a Christmas Cake?  It is an extremely well used recipe though, so am not doubting it. 

I thought it time I invest in a proper square tin - so after I paid a small fortune for my new cake tin the lady in the shop reassured me I would be passing this tin onto my daughter when I was 'beautiful and wrinkled', so here is hoping.  I am glad she didn't say grey, because that is already happening...

My first attempt at mincemeat and I used the Edmonds recipe.  It looked somewhat different from every other mincemeat I have ever seen.  I did find this link though of another lady who has used the same recipe and it seems that she had the same outcome - definately the recipe then.  I may of misread the recipe, as I only grated down the apple, and just chucked the rest of the fruit in in chunks.  I possibly was supposed to grate everything down ... oh well.  Also when I put the mincemeat into the jars, I topped them up with extra brandy ... these may be adult only Christmas Mince Tarts!

Tomorrow I am going to try the Alison Holst recipe and see how different the two are.  This will mean I will have a huge amount of mincemeat, but lucky I love Christmas Mince Tarts.

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