Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Crochet or not to Crochet?

I went a bit mad this weekend.  Brought a huge pile of the most beautiful sewing and cooking books.  I LOVE books and haven't treated myself in ages.  I know everything is available on the internet these days, but I believe nothing beats flicking through the pages of a beautiful book. 

One of the books I brought was Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench.  I spent a wonderful session being taught how to crochet by an entertaining 80 year old lady months ago, but do you think I could remember how to do it when I got home?  This book has very clear illustrations and some really cute projects.  I spent some time last night trying to perfect the little flowers, and tonight I made a ball for the baby to play with.  I am determined to perfect the art of Crochet!  We are hoping to make a trip to Vietnam later this year and I'd love a big pile of crochet flower hair clips to give out to the children.  I am going to keep the wool and hooks in a tote next to the couch, so when I am finally relaxing in the evening (yes, that sometimes does happen) I can click away with my hook and still be creating.

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