Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fondant Iced Biscuits

I brought a packet of Pettinice White Icing from the supermarket the other day purely because it was on special.  I have never used fonant icing before, so being totally new to me, I decided to get a feel for it and start with something basic - icing biscuits.

I found mixing the colour in annoying, and think in the future I will just buy pre-coloured fondant from the cake shop.  Lazy huh haha. 

The biscuits are basic butter biscuits (recipe can be found here .  Once they were cooled I rolled out the fondant on a lighty dusted (icing sugar) surface, cut out the shapes and popped onto the biscuit using corn syrup to stick. 

I think they are stunning, for reasonably little effort, and will definately be making these to adorn tables at the childrens birthday parties.

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