Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy Wall Art

We did a major reshuffle of four of our rooms in our house today.  The spare bedroom has been transformed into the baby's room, we have shifted the office back into the office (which we had been using as the baby's room), the family room is now the family room again (was being shared by the office) and the boys have had new beds and linen.

The bedroom the baby shifted into has alot of wall space and I wanted to use some white picture frames I picked up in a Briscoes sale a while back to fill some of it.  I am not at all artistic when it comes to paper art.  I think I may of mentioned this before.  When we were at Warehouse Stationery looking at exciting things like new office desks and filing cabinets, I picked up this packet of scrapbooking paper.

Firstly it was on sale.  Always a bonus in my book!  And it's lovely and girly and I thought it would look great in the picture frames.  So no tutorial needed here, all I did was cut the chosen paper down to size, pop it into the frames and there you have it.  And I love it!  It looks awesome, and when I get bored of this paper, I'll just swap it to something different.  Now I just need to get hubby to put up the 3M Picture Hooks (I will be sure to make them wonky and he has an eye for measuring perfection) and my wee babes room is complete.

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