Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing Machine Mat

I brought some charm squares at a quilt fair last year and they have been sitting around in my growing fabric pile.  I have used the odd few for applique but when I saw this idea for a Sewing Machine Mat in the Patchwork and Stitching Annual (Vol 12 No 2) I knew they would be perfect for it.

As you may know I use my dining room table as my 'sewing room'.  I like the idea of a mat as I often don't use my pin cushion when removing pins when sewing, and end up with pins, cotton scraps, scissors etc all over the place (I am not a tidy sewer and its a terrible habit when you have small children!!).  At the end of the day I pack my huge mess up so we can use the table for dinner, and I have stuff EVERYWHERE, including the floor.  I hoping this mat may mean that if I keep everything on it, I can remove the scraps of cotton and then just roll it up at dinner time, and unroll again later.  Easy.  Here is hoping!

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