Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Hat Upgrade

I have a pile of old wool hats that I use for Ada, that used to be her brothers.  Boring plain old hats.  In the weekend I accidently stumbled across the Grey Street Markets in Hamilton East and found an amazing stall, run by a lady called Janice Mary, which sold the most beautiful mosaics and crotched and knitted flowers.  So for $1.50 I upgraded one of Ada's hand me down hats into a cute girly hat.  I think it might be time to learn some basic knitting and crotchet skills - I love the end result!

And here is a picture of the cross I picked up.  Janice makes her mosiacs with such love and precision.  I will definately be going back to pick some more up for Christmas presents!


jomill said...

the cross is amazing... are they available for sale?

JoolsOliver said...

Not through me. I am pretty sure she only sells through the markets here in Hamilton, have not been able to find her online and the cross does not have any details other than her name on the back. I am not sure where you are, but am happy to find her contact details if you are interested?