Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family Dining

I have a wee confession to make.  Where should I start.  I am a bit of a stickler about dining together as a family each night.  Many a time have I harped on to hubby about the benefits of eating together as a family - its a time for sharing, talking, prayer etc, and that its really important for us to sit together around the table as a family.

So since I have started sewing my heart out, I have kinda taken over the dining room table.  I started by packing up my machine etc each day as I finished, but it kind of evolved and now it seems a permanent fixture on our table.  In fact the other day I cleared up my mess on the dining room table - it took me half an hour....thats how evolved it is...   Each night we eat as a family still - but around the kitchen bench now, with the children on the bar stools and the adults on the opposite side facing them.  We still have that family time together, but its a bit uncomfortable and its hard to get the TV turned off etc.

Hubby pointed this out to me last night.  That if it was him taking over the dining room table, I would probably have something to say about it.  And do I think its really fair that I am so adament about family dining, and I have taken away the place where we can most comfortably do it.  And you know, he is so right!!

So have I packed away all my sewing stuff tonight so we dine together comfortably around the table, instead of around the kitchen bench?  Not quite yet - I've actually spread more stuff over the table as I embark on yet another new project.... but I am going to organise myself better.  I am off tomorrow to buy a plastic box, and am only going to have one project out at a time so that it can easily get packed up into the child proof box before dinner, clearing the table so we can dine together comfortably. 

Haha so on a lighter note hubby has brought up a very valid point - that we need a bigger house with a sewing room ...

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