Friday, February 21, 2014

Op Shopping - Tea Cups and a New Collection..

There is always much excitement from me when I manage to find a tea cup trio on my op shopping forages.

This is a Queen Anne 'Violet' 8301.

There is even more excitement when you manage to find a set of awesome vintage double sheets that don't cost your left kidney!!

And I think I have also started a new collection.  Sigh.  In my vintage years I am going to be that 84 year old lady with 17 cats and a house full of hundreds of dusty salt and pepper shakers.

What is the appeal?  I can't tell you, except I wasn't able to leave them behind.  Am I starting a new collection?  I think so.

My finds this week were found between Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army.  There were also a large pile of chocolate molds that came home with me, along with a few books for the kids.  

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Leonie said...

Whoohoo! looks like a great score! that sheet!! awesomeness!