Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bibs, Wipes and Snap Press Machines

We welcomed a new niece into the family 3 weeks ago.  For my in-laws, this is number 12 Grandchild, and for my SIL her 4th baby.

I am guessing by the time number 3 and 4 babies come along, things like bibs and wash cloths are looking like they need to be doused in petrol and set alight.  This was certainly the case for me when The Girl entered the world.  

So I've made up a pile of nice fresh new wash cloths and bibs to gift to the new arrival.  

I cheated and brought a bib panel from Spotlight - I got totally sucked in by the cute owls.  And it meant I got to use my new toy - a Snap Press Machine!  Happy days.  The wipes are made of muslin - nice and soft and fast drying.

Stupid really, but I hadn't realised how easy bibs are to make, there are heaps of free patterns on-line, and you can never have enough with teething, dribbling and solid eating babies around.

For my SIL .... I haven't actually put these in the mail yet .... so I am being very naughty blogging about these before you see them.  Surprise.....

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