Monday, November 11, 2013

Op Shopping - Scores of Goodness

Its been a good few weeks for me in the local op shops.  Scores of summer clothes for the children, clothes for myself, books galore, coat hangers, fabric, Christmas decorations and a new tea cup. Most of the clothing got absorbed into the washing basket straight away, but I did manage capture these cute T.Shirts for The Girl before they too found their way into the abyss of washing.

Buying second hand clothes for the children is just awesome, especially for Danger Mouse and The Girl who seem to be unable to stay clean for even an hour.

2 metres of pretty fabric.

Bollywood!  Thought I would start a new collection.  I love Bollywood movies.

Books for the kids.  Some of the Golden Collection ones are in great condition so will be stocking fillers.  Also picked books up for me - I love the .50c table at Habitat For Humanity.

 Bag of Christmas goodies and a great tin.  I only brought the bag for the Angel, so most of this stuff will probably be re gifted back to the op-shop I brought them from.

And my tea cup trio - Colclough.  I brought this in a market in Napier last weekend. 


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Awesome! Love the trio - so pretty!

Leonie said...

Man what a score! The fabric is my fav of the loot :)

Leanne M said...

I tried commenting from my phone but it didn't work. Just wanted to say that I love the fabric too, and am partial to vintage china teasets too, lucky finds! Love your new blog banner too.