Thursday, November 28, 2013

Activity Advent Calendar

The 1st of December is looming.  My favourite time of year.  I played Christmas Carols today. Loud.  Very loud in fact.  And while I sang out of tune in my happy place, I worked out our activities for our Advent Calender.  This worked so well for us last year and I am excited to get started again.

I'll be using the same labels as last year - found here.

So in date order, our list goes:

  1. Put up the Christmas Tree
  2. Read the Christmas Story from Luke 2
  3. Donate cat and dog food to the SPCA
  4. Decorate Mini Gingerbread Houses
  5. Decorate your bedroom windows
  6. Make Christmas Chocolate
  7. Watch a Christmas movie
  8. Go to the Hamilton Santa Parade
  9. Decorate Paper Christmas Trees
  10. Decorate T.Shirts to wear on Christmas Day
  11. Make Reindeer Food (instructions and free printable here)
  12. Make a purchase for the KMart Wishing Tree
  13. Make Peppermint Playdough (recipe here)
  14. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights
  15. Visit Santa and get a photo
  16. Make Santa bread - instructions here
  17. Go and visit Great Grandma
  18. Take funny photos in our homemade Christmas Photo Booth
  19. Bless Daddy Night (will interview the children about Dad, cook him a special dinner and thank him for being such an awesome Daddy)
  20. Go see the Christmas Drive-In Movie (in Hamilton only - details here)
  21. Go see Trees at the Meteor (again Hamilton only - details here)
  22. Make cookies and deliver to the neighbours
  23. Go Candy Cane Gifting (idea from here - kids are going to bomb people with Christmas cheer)
  24. Put out milk, cookies and Reindeer food
Hurry up already December!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

AWESOME! I am not usually that organised - I think of something the night before and put it in!

Miriam said...

lovely ideas x

Leonie said...

Awesome!!!! We have a few things we like to do but not in any order :) Love your list!