Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Op Shopping - Its Been A While

I've had a break from op-shopping lately.  I've missed it!  I snuck into the Habitat for Humanity store yesterday before picking Danger Mouse up from kindy and found myself a few treasures.

My $7.50 large glass bowl.  I have been wanting one of these for a long time.  This one is beautiful and solid, large without a blemish on it.   I can think of so many uses for it - filling it up with sweets or popcorn at a birthday, using it as a Christmas centre piece filled with glass baubles, floating candles or flowers in for a dinner centre piece, filling it up with green apples.  I love it.

The Girl needs winter hats for our school run walks.  I will only buy op shop ones as she throws so many over the side of the pushchair and we lose heaps.  These were $2 each.  I love the pom pom one as it buttons up under her chin and is hopefully harder for her to pull off.

Good Wives to add to my classic book collection for the kids and a book of prayer and bible stories for the kids as well.

An adult hoodie pattern - .50c.  I live in hoodies at home, they are so comfy and warm.  Now I can make my own and there is some great sweatshirt material appearing in the stores now.  And a cotton scarf - $2. 

I love to find treasures, the searching is all part of the thrill.