Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shoe Bling - Possibly Vision Gone Wrong ...

I decided when I started this blog it wasn't going to be about lots of pretty perfect success stories.  This story is about a vision gone wrong (but regardless I am still a little bit in love).

I saw these on Pinterest a while back, tutorial link for is here, and had to have some.

The thought of making and owning these consumed me until I brought a pair of cheap white shoes from The Warehouse for $7.  I was on my way.

Problem was, when I started to make them, I decided maybe I had bad vision in my choice of glitter colour, and then lost all interest in them.

I had to finish them, but because of lack of interest, I completed them without care.  And then when I had finished them, because I wasn't careful, I disliked them even more.

So they sat in the corner for a month.  The husband walked past and laughed at their fate every once in a while and vowed to disown me if I tried to wear them in public with him.

And when I got them out today to blog about them, and they sparkled in the sun, I fell just a little bit in love with them.  A little bit.  If I find the energy I might tidy up the gems a bit on them (translate to actually glue them on properly and evenly, and fill in the gaps) and wear them out with the kids for some fun.  Maybe.