Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Freeset Sari Baby Wrap

I was at the HEART Conference over the weekend, and again Freeset were there with their amazing bags.  If you haven't heard of Freeset before, check out their website http://freesetglobal.com/  Its a dream of mine to travel to India, and now that I have heard of Freeset its now a dream to travel to the factory and see this organisation running.  Better yet to volunteer for a month.  The work they do is just amazing and the changes they can make to these ladies lives is priceless.

One of the things they were selling at the conference, along with their bags, were Sari Rugs and Sari Baby Wraps.  I was lucky enough to take one home - here is Ada wrapped snuggly in hers:

These are basically secondhand Sari's that have been upcycled.  It is just beautiful and I love all things to do with India, so you can imagine my obsession with it!  As they have no batting its around 4 layers of Sari's, handsewn together with a hood attached (which is machine sewn).  Its a piece of art and I am loving showing it off and telling the Freeset story where ever I go!

This is the front, with the hood in the top left hand corner

The back

I love this - there was obviously a little hole in the material, so this is where they have patched it up!

Close up of the stitching

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