Sunday, May 4, 2014

Optimus Prime Party

Sprat turned 7 over the school holidays.  His party theme of choice was Optimus Prime.  We had a fantastic few hours playing games, shouting very loudly for no reason, racing around the house at top speed, eating as much food colouring as we could and generally just hanging about with his besties.

Boys of this age amuse me no end.  Fart noises, crazy dancing, rude words, gross smells.  It all induces majorly loud laughing fits.  They are such strange creatures.

Sprats party was a great send out to the end of the school holidays.  Back to the grind tomorrow, and a certain Danger Mouse who starts his school visits this week.  A new chapter is almost beginning.


Leonie said...

It looks way cool Julie! Well done you! A new era... oooo, exciting!

Unknown said...

Everything looks AWESOME!! Well done to you!

Tash said...

Wow that cake is VERY cool!! Well done :) Sounds like a perfect boys day.